SinterMet is Making News!

SinterMet Introduces New Carbide Grade

SM-80 Designed for Final two Stands of Finishing and Sizing Blocks


KITTANNING, PA. SinterMet recently introduced a new carbide grade specially designed and engineered for the final two stands of either high speed wire rod finishing blocks or sizing blocks.

SM-80 provides an extra-coarse grain and low binder weight (8 wt% Co). The combination of excellent wear resistance provided by lowering binder content, and outstanding toughness (strength) by fabricating extra coarse WC grains, makes SM-80 superior to common commercial grades for hot rolling applications.

"We've been working closely with customers and our research and development department to create a product designed exclusively for the demands of the final two stands of finishing and sizing blocks," said SinterMet vice president Tom Gallagher.

"The outstanding fracture toughness and wear resistance of SM-80, among its other features, has greatly improved performance compared to common commercial grades. That kind of bottom dollar performance is what our customers have come to expect from SinterMet products," said Gallagher.

Generally, lower binder content provides higher wear resistance (hardness). However, fracture toughness (impact resistance) decreases dramatically with lower binders. By combining extra-coarse grain structures with a lower binder content, the new SM-80 grade improves wear resistance and impact resistance simultaneously. The result is a product ideally suited for the final two stands of finishing and sizing blocks.

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SinterMet is a world leader in the design and manufacture of tungsten carbide and composite rolls for the rod and bar mill industry. The company, celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2000, serves rolling mills on six continents. SinterMet is located in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA.