Learn how you can put SinterMet performance into practice!

1. Why Shur-Lock composite rolls?

- Increase your mill utilization
- Reduce your costs per ton rolled
- Reduce your mill delays associated with roll and groove changes
- Improve your bar surface quality
- Improve your bar dimensional quality
- Reduce your roll inventory
- Reduce your machining costs
- Reduce your scrap
- Help you remain competitive in the marketplace

2. What is the largest size product appropriate for use with Shur-Lock composite rolls?

- Angles - up to 100mm (4")
- Rounds - up to 75mm (3")
- Rebar - up to 40mm (1.5")
- Other sizes require specific evaluation

3. What is the minimum rolling speed for Shur-Lock rolls?


Depends on the specific rolling conditions and parameters, but generally speaking the minimum rolling speed should be 3-4 m/sec.

4. Which grades are available for the finishing stands of the high speed wire rod blocks?

If rolling plain round rod, our high performance grades for extra long wear and dimensional consistency are:

Cobalt Based

SM-78 - 15% binder
SM-80 - 8% binder (extra course grain)

Cobalt-Nickel Based

SM-63 - 10% binder
SM-59 - 15% binder
For rebar finishing:

Cobalt Based


Cobalt-Nickel Based


5. Which grades are available for reducing/sizing stands?

For the final "sizing" stands:

SM-63 - 10% binder
SM-80 - 8% binder (extra course grain)

For the initial "reducing" stands

SM-59 - 15% binder
SM-60 - 20% binder